Wal-Mart Free NYC Coalition

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

RE: Wal-Mart Meet and Greet

With the 'meet and greet' event going on today and tomorrow at Wal-Mart headquarters, Lee Scott can introduce some of his “associates” which help keep the business running. Here's some "associates" I'd like to meet.

First lets hear from someone from the team of “Labor Relations Managers,” who’s job description is to:

Provide education and communication that supports Operations in
remaining union free; on notification of union activity, work closely
with the Legal Department to support management team and develop
campaign material; coordinate efforts across Divisions to accomplish
team goals.

They can maybe clue us in a little bit as to what they do, then we can dim the lights and see some examples of their "education and communication": anti-union videos that they show workers who want to organize.

After that, we could hear a manager at a local Wal-Mart explain the intimate details of the company’s health insurance (not Wal-Mart's other health insurance Medicaid).

Maybe then, we can hear from a couple of the lawyers that keep Wal-Mart’s operations running smoothly. How about one of the ones that argued that an employee recovering from kidney failure is not protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act (The one that claimed that “the inability to cleanse one’s own blood and eliminate body waste does not amount to the limitation of a major life activity...")?

Maybe we’ll even have the opportunity to hear from Wal-Mart executives (one of the ones not fired for embezzlement), and find out who thought it was good idea to take out 'dead peasant' life insurance policies on their beloved "associates" with Wal-Mart as the beneficiaries. They killed two birds with one stone on that stunt, managing to exploit their employees and cheat the IRS at the same time!