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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New York Sun - "The Hypocrisy of Wal-Mart Bashers"

This editorial really confused me. It started with a description of the Mother's Day event (with Carolyn Sapp and the big card), then quickly degenerated into Ms. Colon railing about how racist her "acquaintances" are.

Until last Saturday, I had never been to a Wal-Mart, and the comments I had heard from those who had been to the stores in New Jersey were quite disturbing. I'd never realized how bigoted those acquaintances of mine were until I heard them saying things like "It's a ghetto store full of ghetto people" or "It's for the project people because it's cheap, but we don't need any more stores like that on Staten Island."

I don't know who Ms. Colon hangs out with, but apparently they are the "Wal-Mart Bashers" that she's speaking of. I guess "The Hypocrisy of Some People that I Just Made up in my Head" didn't sound as good.

Somewhere in the middle of the column, Colon demonstrates her ignorance further:

At the City Hall rally, a giant Mother's Day card was displayed with the message
"Wal-Mart should stop discriminating against women." The council speaker, Gifford Miller, Democrat of Manhattan, was among the signers of the card, which was to be sent to Wal-Mart's CEO, Lee Scott.
Balderdash! Of Wal-Mart's job force, 60% are women. At the Linden store, that percentage seemed much higher.

Memo to Ms. Colon: That's what the lawsuit is about. Wal-Mart low wage employees are mostly women. As you look up the hierarchy, you'll see that the higher paid a position is, the more the scales are weighted in favor of men. 2/3 of the low paid employees are female, and only 1/3 of management. It didn't get that way by accident. I'm not familiar enough with the case to start rattling off numbers, but check out WalMartClass.com. They have all the facts.

"What the former Miss America, some City Council members, and union leaders are really telling us is "We want you to continue to pay higher prices so that we can keep the local Mom and Pop stores open and our union members happy."
And perhaps keep the "ghetto people" in the ghetto?"

There's the bombshell. Wal-Mart critics are all racists! This from the person who wrote True Test Of Courage Must Come From Islamic Community which contains such gems as:
While I am continually impressed by the dignity of President Bush, Mayor Giuliani and Governor Pataki for their pleas for restraint in targeting the Muslim community, I can understand why so many non-Muslims will lump the innocent with those guilty of the recent atrocities. There is a deep suspicion by those of different faiths that the Muslim community shares Osama Bin Laden’s hatred of the United States and would welcome a jihad against non-Islamics.

i.e. She's not saying that she thinks all Muslims, American and otherwise, are terrorists, but she understands why someone else would. Those racist acquaintances of hers sure get around.

So why is Ms. Colon such an ardent supporter of Wal-Mart? Could it be because her interests as a pro-lifer coincide with Wal-Mart's policy of refusing to stock the morning after pill? No, that's too cynical to be true. It must be because Colon is such a huge civil rights activist, and is appalled by the hypocricy of her imaginary "acquaintances."