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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More Employee horror stories

Via Wal-Mart Watch:

Molly Beavers had worked the same job at the same store for 19 years, from 1984-1993 while it was Pace Membership Warehouse, and 1993-2003 after Sam's Club bought the store. Her job was to give food demonstrations and collect shopping carts. Corrective surgery has left her face partially paralyzed; "Now, a slight upward curl of her right cheek sends painful muscle spasms shooting down the right side of her lower face." Smiling causes her excruciating pain.
In 2003, "she tripped in a produce aisle drainage hole and fell to the ground. Her demonstration cart and microwave oven toppled over on her."

From there, Ms. Beavers' luck went from bad to worse. Sam's club refused to honor her worker's comp claim, and though she had lingering back problems,
"When she asked to sit on a stool while working, her manager would not allow it, the lawsuit states.
Beavers said a few older employees were allowed to sit on stools."

It must be just a huge coincidence, but just a little while after her claim was rejected a new manager fired her because she didn't smile enough.

"When Beavers explained her facial paralysis, Lail said, 'that's no excuse,' according to the federal filing."

Wal-Mart is no stranger to discrimination suits. in the 15 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed, Wal-Mart has been found guilty of discriminating against the disabled 15 times. And that's just how many times they've gotten caught.